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Vehiclepath and My Fuel Tax by Spinnaker have teamed up to make your fuel Tax preparation just a little bit easier, and maybe even profitable.

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With the Vehicle path equipment installed in your trucks you can now eliminate time-consuming data entry of miles driven and fuel purchased. Your company can save thousands in reduced labor costs, and if you have owner/operators that file their own IFTA taxes, you can even make money while saving them money by quickly running their quarterly taxes for them.

Here’s how it works:

Software administrators start My Fuel Tax software and go to the Data Wizard page. From there they log onto Vehiclepath’s website using their username and password, that only needs to be entered at initial set up. From there you can run mileage reports from Vehiclepath data for one or all trucks in the fleet for up to 3 months at a time. Data for each unit is saved to My Fuel Tax in separate data files. Fuel data can likewise be imported or entered manually.

Once miles and fuel are imported to My Fuel Tax it’s just a matter of a couple of clicks to generate your IFTA reports and print them on your State’s (or Province’s) filing form. HUT and Weight/Distance taxes are also simple clicks to run and print.

At $5.50 per month/per unit this great time-saving feature is very affordable.

  • Product features include:
    • Multi IFTA account capability
    • Free quarterly tax rate updates
    • Easy Back Up and Restore features
  • Key Benefits include:
    • Automates all tax calculations including miles in state calculations.
    • Possibility to import fuel purchase information from fuel cards/other.
    • Saves time; fuel tax forms are completed in minutes
    • Saves money; eliminates the need for data entry staff
    • Requires little or no driver input for tax reporting
    • Reduces the risk of input errors
    • Reduces the risk of input errors


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